Download Insights

Download Insights


Why can't I download Insights from Google Play Store?

Since 2019 Google no longer allows App from the Play Store to access Calls and SMS logs, which is a part of some studies, that are done with Insights.

How do I install Insights?

In order to install Insights, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser (here explained for Chrome) on your Android smartphone
  2. Open and click the Download Insights button
  3. During the download of the apk, a message popups, that the apk file type may harm your device. Press OK to keep the insights.apk file.
  4. After the download, a second message pops up, where you can open the insights.apk
  5. If you have never installed an app from Chrome before, you have to allow that apps can be installed from Chrome. Set the "Allow from this source" button to on and return with the Back Button
  6. Then click Install, to install Insights on your device.
  7. Finished. Now you can open Insights.

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Smartphone Usage

Track all kinds of smartphone variables with the Insights app and win objective data about your participants' phone usage.

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Deliver questionnaires with your Insights project and complete your study with additional information about the participants and their emotions.

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Give feedback about smartphone usage, personality or any other recorded variables directly on the phone and thereby incentivize people to become participants in your study.

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Why Us?

Insights is a professional tool to support your academic studies.
We have built Insights to allow everyone from every field of research to collect digital data for their studies. Especially for Non-Computer-Scientists this is a big step in opening their research and become interdisciplinary.
We follow highest ethical standards and privacy protection regulations even in an environment where we track personal and sensitive data. Our tool is robust, proved and tested, so that you can rather focus on analyzing the data, than taking care about how the data is collected from a technical perspective.
Our tools are easy to use. You can setup your first project within minutes.
On the other hand, we equip you with an app that allows very advanced settings. You can insert your own custom-tailored questionnaires, experiments, feedback and analyses functions. You decide about tracking timings, the amount of collected information and granularity of the data points. If you are looking for an app based tool to start your data collection right away, Insights is exactly what your are looking for.

We are an open-minded team and are happy to improve our app with your ideas and feedback! If you miss any features, please just tell us, and we will try to include them in the next version.

All recorded data is stored on your servers and we only send data to your servers. This guarantees the highest privacy and ethic standards for your participants. We provide the Insights backend as installation files and you host the complete software, including the database, on your own server.
However, if you want to outsource your IT, we are happy to host the Insights backend for you or give support for your hosting. Contact us for an individual offer.
The Insights backend gives you multiple ways to access and analyze the recorded data.
We provide download mechanisms to extract all or parts of the data to CSV files, that you can easily process with SPSS, Excel or many other analytic tools.
The backend also includes an editor to write your own scripts in PHP and MySQL and run calculations on the data without the hassle of setting up your own programming environment.
Insights is available and tested for all Android versions starting at Android 4.4. We do not provide an iOS-App, yet. Apple's system is much more barred for developers to access user data, so that it is not possible to provide as many data as for Android. However, we are always looking for solutions and may develop an iOS version of Insights in the future.

Use Cases

Here are some ideas of what you can research with Insights.

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Study Work


Study Work

Study your participants during their jobs

Insights will help you to find out how often your participants get distracted during their work by using the smartphones.

But you get much more from the data. With GPS tracking, you will get insights about morning routines before going to work, commuting, how traffic jams impact the smartphone usage and much more.

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Study At Home


Study At Home

Study your participants at their homes

Studies in labs create an unnatural environment that affects the results.

Insights gives you the opportunity to track objective data wherever your participants are.

The smartphone is a constant companion full of sensors and measuring technology that will produce data all the time, even when your participants forget, that they are observed and then act naturally.

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Study Sleep


Study Sleep

Study your participants' sleep

Since the smartphone is the last think you interact with before you go to sleep and the first thing after waking up, you get deep insights about peoples' sleep.

Also waking up in the middle of the night, looking at the phone's watch or quickly checking for new messages will be tracked and complete your data base.

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Study Bad Habits


Study Bad Habits

Find out about bad habits and feedback them to your participants

Using the phone and surfing the web in bed before going to sleep?, Checking the phone every 5 minutes for new messages?

Insights makes it possible to find out about these and other bad habits.

If you want, you can feedback them to your users and see how that impacts their future smartphone usage.

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Study Sports


Study Sports

Observe all activities and movements during sports

Use precise GPS data to track acitivties like running, cycling or other sports.

You will get information about distances, altitude differences, speed, but also about habits as in: When do your participant do sports during the day? How often do they do sports per week? How does that influence the rest of the collected data.

Smartphone Variables

The following tables shows all smartphone variables that are trackable with Insights.

You can activate and deactivate each of this sections for your study, in order to collect only the data that you need.

Making some of the variables optional for participants in your study will help you to not lose participants, when they feel uncomfortable about giving you all of this data. You will just receive all of the other information as usual.


  • Phone Number (anonymized)
  • Contact Name (anonymized)
  • Call Type (incoming, outgoing, missed)
  • Duration


  • Phone Number (anonymized)
  • Contact Name (anonymized)
  • SMS Type (incoming, outgoing)
  • Message Length
  • Number of Words
  • Number of Letters
  • Number of Digits
  • Search for Emoticons
  • Text Mining (Search for Word Lists)

Contact List

  • Phone Number (anonymized)
  • Contact Name (anonymized)
  • Changes over Time

User Sessions

  • Screen-On-, Screen-Off-, Phone-Unlock-Events
  • Session Duration
  • Elapsed Time since last session

Phone Events

  • Start, Restart, Shutdown of the device
  • Airplane Mode tracking
  • Phone Charging Events


  • GPS, Wi-Fi or Mobile positions
  • Latitude, Longitude and Altitude
  • Data Precision Information
  • Speed
  • Data Provider

Installed Apps

  • List of all Installed Apps
  • App Title
  • App Package Name
  • Changes over Time

App Sessions

  • App Title
  • App Package Name
  • Usage Duration

Aggregated App Usage

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Aggregated Data
  • App Title
  • App Package Name
  • Total Usage Duration
  • Number of times the app was opened

Network Traffic

  • Incoming Bytes
  • Incoming Packets
  • Outgoing Bytes
  • Outgoing Packets

Battery Status

  • Battery Level
  • Battery Health Status
  • Charging Information

Ringtone Settings

  • Changes in Settings
  • Loud-, Vibration- and Silent-Mode
  • Ringtone Volume


  • Questionnaires build in SurveyCoder
  • Store the data together with all other recorded variables
  • Accessible by a Time Schedule or from a To-Do-List
  • Push-Notifications for new questionnaires
  • Choose from existing questionnaires or create your very own surveys


  • Use any HTML(5) page and designs as experiment
  • Store the data together with all other recorded variables
  • Accessible by a Time Schedule or from a To-Do-List
  • Push-Notifications for new experiments


  • Give feedback to your participants on the phone
  • Use any HTML(5) to build beautiful feedback pages
  • Reward your participants for taking part in your study


These are some screenshots from the Insights app. Most of the time, the app is nearly invisible to the users during the data collection. Only at the beginning of the study and when questionnaires or experiments are pushed, the user needs to interact with the app. For the rest of the time, the user won't be distracted by Insights. Only a small icon in the notification bar proves that the app is working.

Insights Main Menu

Insights is easy to use for your participants. The main menu shows all important information clearly structured.

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Invisible Insights

During the data collection, Insights is nearly invisible. Only a small icon is shown in the notification bar (top left corner of the phone).

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Questionnaires and experiments are scheduled by a time plan and are pushed as notification or are selectable from a list. The appearance and design of questionnaires and experiments are completely customizable.

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Contact Send us a message

If you are interested in Insights, like to get further information or request a demo account or if you have any questions regarding our app, just drop us a message and we get back to you asap.

The contact form is currently not available. Plese send us an email to insights @

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